"Cragin & Pike has been with J.A. since day one. We insured and guaranteed that all J.A. Tiberti Construction jobs would be completed and completed on time. Never had a problem. I remember Mr. Cragin, who was Las Vegas' first mayor, telling me 50 years ago that J.A. would be a success one day because 'he's a dedicated, hard working man'."
Frank Kerestesi
Cragin & Pike Insurance

"Both J.A. and his wife Marietta have been very philanthropic with both their time and money. Many of the buildings at UNLV are his, and much of the work has been in-kind, meaning they were built as fair price with his pocketbook being secondary to what was needed for the community and the university. He's been a very strong part of the city's overall growth and its cultural growth as well."
Carolyn Sparks
Former University Regent, 1984-96

"I first met J.A. back in 1949. I had bought this roof and floor business and began putting in roofs, floors and insulation for him. Back then, it was hard getting paid for your work. When J.A. Tiberti Construction called and asked if I wanted to do a job, I never hesitated because I knew we would be paid promptly. J.A. was always referred to as a 'good pay' and that's a real compliment."
Joseph G. Roberts
Roberts Roof & Floor

"J.A. Tiberti is a fantastic link in our city's history. Without his progressive foresight, Southern Nevada would not be where it is today. I sat with him on the board of directors for Nevada Power and watched him steer this community in the right direction."
Jerry Herbst
Owner, Herbst Enterprises

"J.A. Tiberti is one of the early people who made this town really go. At the same time, his company was always saying yes to groups and charitable organizations that were a positive influence on the city. He has been a great community member."
Chuck Lenzie
Retired Chairman of the Board/CEO, Nevada Power Company

Congratulations to Nevada's most genuine citizen, J.A. Tiberti, to Don Beagle, and to the talented employees, past and present, of Nevada's finest construction company. With Thanks to our innovative friend and contemporary, Tito Tiberti, and the other members of the Tiberti family, for these decades of friendship and confidence.
K. Michael Leavitt
W. Leslie Sully, Jr.
David J. Rivers
Leavitt, Sully & Rivers, Attorneys-at-law